Rumours of a nine hour Avatar 3 cut resurface yet again

James Cameron directing Avatar - The Way Of Water
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James Cameron may be putting together multiple versions of the next Avatar film, according to rumours that just won’t go away. 

Stories about a nine-hour cut of the next Avatar film have resurfaced again, lending greater noise if not credence to the notion that James Cameron may be chasing down another ‘high concept’, as he loves to do with each of his projects. Whether it’s groundbreaking effects or industry-shaking ambition, Cameron loves to challenge the foundations of what filmmaking can be, and reports are suggesting that he may just be looking to do that again.

The filmmaker commented a while ago that the future of cinema could be different versions of films, one shorter version that is viewed in cinemas, whilst longer (perhaps even episodic?) cuts could be enjoyed at home. With rumours persisting that the nine-hour cut of Avatar 3 is real, or at the very least, a genuine ambition of Cameron’s, it seems that the director is looking to realise his ambitions.

Jeff Sneider has a decent record at breaking such stories and he’s taken to Twitter to reassert that his report from late last year still holds water: “Remember that 9-hour cut of AVATAR 3 that I told you James Cameron was insisting on having finished VFX for? I hear it could hit Disney+ as a limited series AFTER the theatrical cut of the film…”

You can see the appeal to Disney, an Avatar series that could fold into the costs of Avatar 3's production costs would be an easy win. Still, nothing here is confirmed yet but it could spark the beginning of a new trend. Would you like to see blockbuster films in multiple formats? Let us now in the comments below…

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