Simon Amstell’s Benjamin: DVD release confirmed

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Benjamin is heading to disc in August.

Earlier this year, Simon Amstell’s second film as director was released into cinemas, to deserved acclaim too. Benjamin is rightly described as a bittersweet comedy, and it stars Colin Morgan, Phenix Brossard, Joel Fry, Jack Rowan, Jessica Raine and Anna Chancellor.

If you missed it on the big screen, then Verve Pictures has just confirmed the DVD release details. The movie will be released on the former on 12th August 2019, and here’s the packshot so you know what you’re looking for…

The synopsis, incidentally, reads as follows…

The bittersweet comedy tells the story of Benjamin (Colin Morgan) a rising star filmmaker, who is thrown into emotional turmoil on the brink of premiering his second film, when Billie, his hard-partying publicist, introduces him to a mesmeric French musician called Noah.

No word on any extra features as of yet.

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