Spider-Man 4 slated to enter production late next year

Jon Watts directing Spider-Man: Homecoming
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It looks like Tom Holland’s webslinger sequel – which we’ll call Spider-Man 4 for now – won’t be swinging our way until late 2025 at the earliest.

Here in 2023, films with the Marvel name on them are facing a bit of a struggle to convince audiences they’re worthy of our time and money. It wasn’t always this way, though, and as recently as late 2021, audiences were turning up in droves to see Tom Holland’s most recent outing as Spider-Man in the series’ third entry, Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

That film was a co-production between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, with the former still owning the movie rights to the character. To keep those rights, Sony has to put a Spider-Man film out every five years or so, which guarantees that along with death and taxes, Spider-Man on a cinema screen will be a regular part of our lives, probably forever.

Still, between Tom Holland’s live-action run as the webhead and the fantastic animated Spider-Verse films, Sony has managed to build up a strong degree of quality control over its mainline Spidey films (although perhaps we’ll leave the series of spin-off films such as Venom and Morbius off that list).

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The most recent Spider-Man film, No Way Home, also left our hero in an interesting place narratively, as he evolved from the geeky high school teenager seen in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s early comics towards the slightly older geeky teenager who lives in NYC, goes to university and takes snaps for the Daily Bugle.

Watching Peter Parker grow up in the pages of the Spider-Man comics was always one of the more interesting aspects of the character, especially when compared to other superheroes who seemed eternally frozen in tie. The same is true of the films, with Sony having the confidence in its series to let the character gradually age.

According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, (via World of Reel) the next Spider-Man is set to shoot at the back end of next year. Director Jon Watts is expected to return after taking a break from superheroes. He walked away from directing Fantastic Four back in 2022, if you recall, in the wake of No Way Home's huge success. That means we could be looking at a late 2025 release slot for Spider-Man 4. No Way Home certainly profited from a December release window, so we can certainly see that being the objective again. We’ll bring you more news on this one as we hear it.

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