Standard officially ratified for next generation 8K television format

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The push to get us all to upgrade our television sets again is about to begin, it seems – more details on the 8K format here.

Now that a large proportion of us have 4K televisions in our homes, the electronics industry is deep into working finding something else to sell to us. Somewhat inevitably, that’s 8K sets, huge resolution screens capable of displaying material at a level that most modern movies aren’t even shot at.


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A standard for 8K televisions has now been agreed by the 8K Association, a cross-industry group that’s behind the push towards getting us all to upgrade again.

In order for a television to come with an 8K Association Certified badge with it, it has to hit a series of performance standards.

To quote the official announcement from the Association, “in addition to the existing requirements for resolution, luminance, color [their spelling, not ours] and connectivity standards that ensure powerful big-screen performance, the 8K Association Certified logo program now recognizes [their spelling, not ours] a broader set of video decoding standards that will promote the wider availability of 8K streaming content. In addition, the updated requirements ensure that 8K TVs enable access to advanced multi-dimensional surround sound formats for a truly immersive home theater [their spelling, not ours] experience”.

You can find out more about 8K and the specific standards that are required for certification here. The bigger question as to where to get material that takes advantage of 8K remains unanswered though. We’ll be interested to find out more about that.

Expect televisions with the 8K Association Certified badge to be on sale in some numbers by the end of the year.

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