Stuart Gordon: 1947-2020

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Re-Animator and Fortress director Stuart Gordon has died.

Some sad news to report. Director Stuart Gordon has passed away, it’s been announced. He was 72 years old.

Gordon is much-loved by many of us for the cult hit films that he made. Whilst Re-Animator and From Beyond are often cited, one of my own regular go-to movies is the Christopher Lambert-headlined Fortress, which remains one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in a cinema.

But then lots of us had a favourite Stuart Gordon film: movies such as Robot Jox, Dolls (to which he was interested in a sequel) and Daughter Of Darkness are worth seeking out too.

In fact, my friend and former colleague Ryan Lambie once had the pleasure of interviewing Gordon in our Den Of Geek days, and found him a complete delight. This isn’t one of those moments where a website uses the passing of someone to promote old material though, not least because this particular piece isn’t even on this site. Just that it was an interesting conversation with the man, that you can find here if of interest.

Gordon leaves behind a whole host of films waiting to be rediscovering. For the moment, though, our thoughts are with his friends and family. And our thanks are with the man himself for giving us so many enjoyable movies.

Rest in peace.

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