Sydney Sweeney angling to play female boxer in gritty biopic

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Sweeney is set to play Christy Martin in a film that will be directed by War Machine’s David Michod. The project is set to go to market at Cannes next week.

Following the commercial success of their 2023 romantic comedy, Anyone But You, both Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have been building their careers based on the perception within Hollywood that they can now ‘open’ a movie. Selling a movie based on star power continues to be important in the kind of mid to low-budget films that Sweeney seems intent on making: her recent nun-centric horror flick Immaculate was reportedly made for just $9m and as well as being a lot of fun, the film made that back and more during its theatrical run.

According to World Of Reel, one of Sweeney’s next projects will also see her put in another performance where she has to run a physical and emotional gauntlet, although she probably won’t be doing it in a nun costume this time. When Cannes Film Festival fires up next week, one of the projects going to market there will be a package deal starring Sydney Sweeney in a female boxing film based on the life of Christy martin with David Michod as director.

According to the report, ‘Martin, a gay woman, from a conservative Virginia family, was the first female boxer to sign with promoter Don King, and the only female boxer to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She also had to deal with the physical and emotional abuse of her husband, and manager, Jim Martine.’

Michod seems like an interesting choice for this project. He does ‘gritty’ especially well, as he proved in his 2010 debut, Animal Kingdom. The director’s next film is set to be Wizards!, a stoner dramedy that is set to release later this year starring Pete Davidson, Orlando Bloom and Naomi Scott. There’s currently no slated release date for that project.

We like the sound of where this is going. With the possible exception of her appearance in Sony’s Madame Web this year, Sweeney continues to push her career into interesting spaces. No word as to whether she’s producing this project as she did with Immaculate, but we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that was the case.

We’ll bring you more on this as yet untitled project when we hear it.

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