The Artful Dodger | Trailer released for Disney+ series

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, artfully dodging in The Artful Dodger
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The Artful Dodger follows the later life of the iconic character from Oliver Twist, and here’s the trailer for the new Disney+ show.

There have been copious adaptations of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, the classic tale of an orphan who takes refuge in the gang of the nefarious Fagin on the streets of London.

In recent years, writers have attempted to put a, well, twist on on the tale, often switching to the point of view of The Artful Dodger. Notable examples include 2003 film Twist and the delightful CBBC series Dodger, which has just announced details of this year’s Christmas special.

The Artful Dodger hails from Australia and tells the story of what happened to the character after the events of the original novel.

The synopsis reads as follows:

An irreverent follow up to Dickens’ Oliver Twist exploring the adult double life of Charles Dickens’ famous prince of thieves. Set in 1850’s Australia, in the lively colony of Port Victory, we meet Jack Dawkins, The Artful Dodger, who’s transferred his fast fingers as a pickpocket to the nimble skilled fingers of a surgeon. Dodger’s past returns to haunt him with the arrival of Fagin, luring him back into a world of crime… A greater threat – to Dodger’s heart – is Lady Belle, determined to become the colony’s first female surgeon. From heists to life-and-death surgeries, from soirées to street violence, a tale of reinvention, betrayal, redemption and love with a twist.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster takes on the title role, alongside Maia Mitchell as Lady Belle; an almost unrecognisable David Thewlis as Fagin. Other cast members include Damon Herriman, Tim Minchin, Miranda Tapsell, Luke Carroll, Kim Gyngell, Vivienne Awosoga, and Nicholas Burton.

James McNamara, David Maher and David Taylor created the show, with scripts written by McNamara, Andrew Knight, Dan Knight and Vivienne Walshe. Directors include Jeffrey Walker, Corrie Chen and Gracie Otto. Miranda Tapsell served as story consultant.

The Artful Dodger will stream on Disney+ in the UK, with all episodes available from the 17th January.

Watch the trailer below:

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