The future of cinema has been revealed… and it’s surprisingly vertical

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French company Oma have revealed its designs for the future of the humble cinema – and yet it looks like it harks from  long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

We’re currently in a testing period of struggle, where the very future of the bricks and mortar cinema seems less sure than it’s ever been. It’s comforting then that companies like Oma, the French architectural firm, have both eyes firmly on the industry’s future.

It’s unveiled grand designs for the future of cinema and whilst undoubtedly impressive, it also looks a wee bit like somewhere that a Dark Lord of the Sith might set up shop.

As reported by MovieWeb, the company’s vision for the future of cinema bears more than a passing resemblance to the Galactic Senate from the Star Wars prequels; their various designs also boast levels of verticality that we’re not used to, and pod-like constructions which might be handy in a post-Covid world.

Whether the pods can be detached and float into the middle of the chamber for heated political debate (or simply drive you to the loo) has yet to be confirmed, but in the middle of all of this uncertainty, it’s reassuring to see a possible future, especially where (according to this promotional image) it appears that TRON: Legacy is back on the big screen and playing to a full house!

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