The Marvels | Director Nia DaCosta debunks rumours

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As the film’s final trailer launches, the director of The Marvels, NIa DaCosta, has addressed one of the recent stories regarding her commitment to the upcoming Marvel Studios film.

Nia DaCosta’s The Marvels will make its bow in cinemas later this week and as such, a final trailer for the film has been released to promote its arrival.

You can tell we’re in an age where Marvel Studios is in something of a pickle, however, when the very week that a major Marvel release arrives, its director is having to fend off claims regarding her commitment to the film.

Not that there seems to be too much to respond to, mind.

Last week, we covered the Variety report that laid bare the rather directionless entity that Marvel Studios seems to have become, with problems mounting up around its Blade project, decision making regarding the future of Jonathan Majors as Kang (given his ongoing legal troubles) and that the studio is so desperate to please fans, it’s considering backing up all of the money trucks in all of existence and bringing back the core cast of original Avengers.

One other claim that appeared in the original report claimed that the director of The Marvels, Nia DaCosta had exited the project while it was still in post-production to go and work another film, Hedda.

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Naturally, this instance has been held up by some as further evidence of chaos behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, not to mention DaCosta’s lack of commitment to the project. DaCosta though, is having none of it, and has spoken up to Jake’s Takes to debunk any of those rumours, stating:

“For me personally, it was literally just that they moved the date of the film four different times. So instead of it being a two-year process which I was deeply committed to, it became a three-and-a-half-year process. So every time the date moved, and they knew the entire time that I had an obligation, a greenlit movie with people who are waiting for me.”

She added that, “I pushed that, and I pushed it again, and then I pushed it again, and then eventually we all knew like, okay, if this pushes again I’m not going to be able to be in LA to do the rest of this in person. So we just figured out a way to do it remote. We figured out the best process, and actually at the time that I left to go to London to start prep on my next film, everyone was so clear about what the film was, what we wanted, everyone knew what I wanted. So it really wasn’t the dramatic sort of thing that I think people think it is. [That’s] a thing that happens quite a bit.”

DaCosta’s take makes perfect sense and will hopefully put to bed the further spread of misinformation about her commitment to The Marvels.

Tracking for the film isn’t looking great at the moment, so the movie could have a fight on its hands to continue Marvel Studio’s course correction following the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 back in May. It does have a slimmer runtime than most Marvel Studios films, which may help, given that it’s just 105 minutes.

It also has a new trailer which you can view below ahead of the film’s release on Friday. There are some cameo appearances shown in here, though, so avoid if you want to stay spoiler-free. After all, you’ve come this far!

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