Ti West has plans for another entry in his A24 horror series

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With MaXXXine set to release in cinemas later this summer, Ti West has confirmed that he’s mooting a return to his celebrated series of horror films.

While some may have assumed that Ti West might be finished with his series of slasher films starring Mia Goth after this year’s MaXXXine, that may not be the case. The 1980s-set installment of West’s series of A24 films will be the last trilogy entry, with each movie featuring Mia Goth as she takes on multiple roles across different eras. The first two films, X and Pearl (pictured) were well-received, and anticipation is high for MaXXXine, which is set to arrive in cinemas here in the UK in July.

According to the filmmaker himself, it seems though more ideas are percolating for tales that will continue the series’ story in one way or another.

Speaking to EW, West said, MaXXXine will “probably be the end of the MaXXXine era,” but there’s a chance the films could expand beyond a trilogy. “I do have one idea that plays into these movies that could maybe happen,” he said. “I don’t know if it’ll be next. It might be.”

While West wouldn’t elaborate, he did suggest that the film’s connection to its predecessors might be an unexpected one, adding, “I’ll say that, if there’s more to be done in this X franchise, it’s certainly not what people are expecting it to be. It’s not just picking up again a few years later and whatever. It’s different in the way that Pearl was an unexpected departure. It’s another unexpected departure.”

He also said that the film is “one weird asterisk idea” and that he’s written a rough draft for it.

In the case of Pearl, the film acted as a prequel of sorts, charting the dark origin of one of the characters who was introduced in X, West’s slasher film that served as a tribute to 1970s grindhouse sleaze.

It’s the inventiveness of West’s films that forms part of their appeal, so we’re sure that another unexpected direction for the series would be welcomed by fans. While it’s become a convention in the slasher genre for films to rack up multiple entries, it’s usually done in a fairly rote fashion. West seems to want to rewrite the formula every time and as such, the two films we’ve seen so far – and early teasers for MaXXXine – possess a freshness that keeps things interesting.

We might not hear anything for a while on this front, but then again, West shot Pearl secretly while he was making X so who knows, he could announce in a fortnight that the film is wrapped. Perhaps not, given the closer level of scrutiny that his projects are under now given their popularity, but when we do hear more on this front we’ll let you know.

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