Here’s the first look at Disney’s Netflix rival service, launching later this year

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Disney is set to reveal firm details of its Disney+ service.

Whilst the Disney acquisition of Fox has been the biggest story about the firm over the past few months, the bigger gamble for the company is edging ever closer. It’s the launch of its long-mooted Disney+ service, a streaming platform that’s seeing Disney go head to head with Netflix.

The acquisition of Fox has been part of the jigsaw, not least because it gave Disney control of the Hulu platform in the US for one thing (and don’t overlook National Geographic either). But also that it greatly increases the amount of material that Disney can direct towards Disney+.

The service is due to go live later this year, but today’s the day the company is poised to release further details about it. An exact launch date, pricing, and details of key movies and shows are expected. Don’t be surprised if Disney undercuts Netflix’s monthly price in the first instance.

What to expect? Well, no shortage of things with a Marvel and Star Wars logo for a start, and it’s long been known that direct to Disney+ movies such as a Lady & The Tramp remake are on the way.

UPDATE: Here’s the first look at the service. It launches in the US and Canada first, and it’s looking likely that it won’t make it to Europe until 2020. That’s not been confirmed as of yet.

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