Toho titles new Godzilla film alongside brief teaser

Godzilla Minus One
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Japanese studio Toho has announced work on new film Godzilla Minus One, a period piece that will arrive in December – here’s the teaser trailer.

It was Godzilla Day last November and Toho (the Japanese studio who created Godzilla) marked the celebrations by announcing that it was working on a new Godzilla feature. The film was slated to arrive in a year meaning it will be landing in four months or so.

The film will mark Toho’s first domestic Godzilla film since 2016’s Shin Godzilla and will be directed by Takashi Yamazaki. Up until now, we didn’t know a lot else about the project, but a fresh update has revealed the film’s title and a very brief synopsis, along with a teaser to go with it.

Titled Godzilla Minus One, ‘the story is set in an already devastated post-war Japan where the kaiju goes on a rampage.’ That’s all we know right now but we’re certainly intrigued by that post-war period setting. We know the film is getting some kind of theatrical release in the US in December, so hopefully it will get the same treatment here in the UK.

There’s plenty more of the kaiju on the way too, of course. Following 2021’s Godzilla Vs. Kong, Toho’s international collaboration with Legendary Pictures is continuing to put out blockbuster-sized entertainment featuring the one and only King of the Monsters.

Legendary’s television arm is currently developing a Godzilla series, again with producers from Toho. That will be coming to Apple TV+ whilst an untitled Godzilla Vs. Kong sequel is also in the works, to be directed by Adam Wingard who helmed the first film. Here’s that teaser for Godzilla Minus One, which will appear before the projects listed above.

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