Tom Hollander was once sent Tom Holland’s Spider-Man bonus by mistake

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In a very expensive mix-up, Tom Hollander was once sent a ‘seven figure’ Spider-Man bonus payment intended for Tom Holland, the actor reveals.

If you’ve occasionally get confused between British actors Tom Hollander and Tom Holland, fear not: their own talent agency once made the same mistake.

Speaking on the US talk show Late Night With Seth Meyers, Tom Hollander – the star of, among other things, Joe Wright’s Pride And Prejudice and TV’s The White Lotus – revealed that he once received an email for a ‘seven figure sum’ that was supposed to have been sent to Tom Holland.

Tom Holland is famous, of course, for playing Spider-Man both in his own string of movies and other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I thought, ‘I don’t think I’m in The Avengers. It was an astonishing amount of money,'” Hollander said, as picked up by Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter.

At the time, Hollander and Holland both worked for the same agency, so presumably someone in its accounting department got the two muddled up and sent a huge Spider-Man bonus cheque to the wrong thespian.

In fairness to Hollander, he’s been in some pretty huge films himself, including the vastly successful rock biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Hollander does point out, however, that there’s a certain disparity between the pay outs he and Holland tend to get.

“I went to see my friend who was doing theatre in England for £300 a week,” Hollander recalled. “I sat smugly in the audience having just done a BBC show for £30,000… the interval came and I checked my email and I got one from the agency saying, ‘Payment slip for first box office bonus for The Avengers… It was not his salary. It was his first box office bonus. Not the whole box office bonus, the first one. And it was more money than I’d ever [seen].”

You can see the full anecdote in the video below. Poor Tom Holland. No wait, Tom Hollander. Poor Tom Hollander. Ahem.

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