Trailer lands for Kevin Smith’s Jay & Silent Bob Reboot movie

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Kevin Smith brings Jay and Silent Bob back for a new movie, and the trailer has landed.

Writer/director Kevin Smith is bringing two of his most famous characters – Jay and Silent Bob – back to the big screen in a new adventure. And the trailer for the new movie, entitled Jay & Silent Bob Reboot – was released last night.

The plot sees the title pair, played by Smith and Jason Mewes, travelling across the country when they learn that Hollywood is rebooting an old film based on them. They’re on a mission to stop the project.

The cast includes many performers from earlier Smith movies. Amongst them is Ben Affleck, which suggests that the falling out between the pair is over. Also in the cast are Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Rosario Dawson, Shannon Elizabeth, Val Kilmer, Chris Hemsworth, Melissa Benoist and James Van Der Beek.

The film debuts in US cinemas on October 15th. No UK release has thus far been announced, but we’ll keep you posted. Here, though, is the trailer. Be warned, though, it’s a red band trailer, so is a bit rude…

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