True Lies reappears on streaming, available on Prime Video UK

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James Cameron’s True Lies has suddenly reappeared on Prime Video in the UK – a rare streaming outing for the action blockbuster.


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It was a week or so ago on this site that we charted the current status of James Cameron’s movies when it comes to home entertainment, be it streaming or physical media.

You can read the full article here, but for the purposes of this article, Cameron’s 1994 hit True Lies – starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger – has never had a Blu-ray release in the UK. What’s more, it’d all but disappeared off streaming services.

Out of the blue though, True Lies has reappeared out of nowhere on Prime Video.

This is to our knowledge UK-only, and we couldn’t find it going through the usual search function. However, with thanks to Twitter chum @astra973, there’s a direct link to the film here.

It’s not the 4K remaster that Cameron may or may not be waiting to approve (that’s certainly the case with his earlier film, The Abyss). But it does appear to be HD, and it’s as good a print of the film as you’re going to get for the movie at the moment, outside of a cinema.

Don’t be surprised if this one doesn’t hang around, so if you’re planning a rewatch, you need to get moving.

For the minute, the film is out there, it’s streaming, and whilst we’re not quite sure how it’s happened, the bottom line is that, well, it’s happened.

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