UK filmmaker wants to make a new take on the high school comedy drama

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Writer/director Stephanie Amata is looking to give the likes of Mean Girls a run for its money – but with her own spin on it.


Pretty Sapphire is the name of a new project from writer/director Stephanie Amata, and producer Kristina Altanova. The pair are trying to put together a movie that in their own way pays homage to the high school teen comedies that they love.

It’ll tell the story of a 16-year by the name of Safi who moves to a new school, where nobody seems to know she exists. The answer? A dramatic makeover, with the help of her mother. Amata says she hops that the film will be “a self-referential critique of the genre and its racial innocence” along with an “adulation of it”.

Fundraising is underway for the movie, too, with the team looking to raise £2750 to get it going. You can find out more about the project here:

Fundraising runs for another ten days and counting…

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