Wicked Little Letters confirmed for May DVD and Blu-ray release

wicked little letters review
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Thea Sharrock’s wonderfully sweary Wicked Little Letters is confirmed to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray next month. More here. 

Wicked Little Letters, Thea Sharrock’s hilariously sweary real-life drama, is heading to DVD and Blu-Ray. No 4K UHD for this one, it seems. The film will be available 13th May. 

The film is also out now to buy and rent digitally, but if you’re a physical media type of person, you can pre-order your copy, in your chosen format, right here

The film follows the war between two neighbours. Olivia Colman’s Edith has been receiving really nasty poison-pen letters that call her all kinds of unsavoury names. Edith is convinced that her neighbour Rose is behind them. After all, Rose has a potty mouth and is a rowdy single mother. 

In our review, we said this of the film: “Sharrock treads the thin line between drama and comedy well, but surprisingly, the film works better as a drama. Although set in the 1920s, the narrative feels painfully true to today’s anonymous online posting and trolling, but Sharrock never tries to forcefully underline the connection.”

Sharrock has already had a busy year. As well as Wicked Little Letters, Sharrock has also released the feel-good Netflix film The Beautiful Game. We chatted to her about that film here

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