Yellowjackets | Christina Ricci teases new, “brutal” season

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Yellowjackets season 3 has begun production in Canada and star Christina Ricci has been teasing what we can expect from the new season. 

After the strikes delayed the writing and production of Yellowjackets season 3, things seem to be back on track. 

The thriller series, which unfold in two timelines, is now in production as revealed by Christina Ricci, who plays Misty, in a very spoilery interview. If you’re not up to date on Yellowjackets, you might want to steer clear of the full interview. 

Ricci said some episodes have already been filmed in Canada and promised the upcoming season, which is expected to be released in early 2025, will live up to the series’ violent reputation. 

“This season is going to be even more shocking and surprising than the previous seasons,” Ricci told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s definitely going to be brutal. But they also put a lot of comedy into it. So I think it’s just going to be… extremely Yellowjackets-y.

The flashback sequences in Yellowjackets follow a group of girls and their coach who become stuck in the wilderness after their plane, taking them to a soccer tournament, goes down. Starving, they’re forced to resort to unspeakable measures to stay alive. Another timeline follows the survivors as adults as they’re trying to keep their monstrous past hidden from the public and their families. 

If you’re hoping for big spoilers for the upcoming season of Yellowjackets, you won’t be hearing them from Ricci, or any of the cast for that matter. Ricci says the cast don’t really know how the new season will unfold. 

“We aren’t always privy to that stuff,” she said. “We tend to find out just a bit later than I think people would imagine. But it’s the nature of TV, and it’s just the nature of this show in particular. They don’t tell us anything about storylines, and I don’t even want to ask, because it puts them in a weird position. So I never ask what’s coming.”

Yellowjackets presented a whole new challenge for Ricci, who has mostly made her career in films.

“I have to say, it is very different. I come from movies, and with film, the entire story, you’re able to work on it. You’re able to make things make sense. And it can be a little bit disconcerting to all of a sudden be in an episode, or to be reading an episode and realize, ‘Oh, wait, this thing happened to her when she was young. I have not been playing a character that reflects that this happened.’ For an actor, I don’t think it’s an ideal situation. But every project has its own challenges, and this is how this show is made.”

More on Yellowjackets as we hear it. You can catch up with the two previous seasons on Paramount+.

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