Podcast | Spy (2015) and F/X (1986)

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The stories behind comedy favourite Spy, and the 1980s modest hit F/X, the latter of which was originally destined to be a TV movie.

Two films with very short titles in this episode, starting with a comedy favourite from the 2010s.

Director Paul Feig broke out of movie jail with 2010’s Bridesmaids – and he used his freshly-inked deal with 20th Century Fox to get his own take on a James Bond film to the screen. Thing is: how do you persuade studio executives that Jason Statham can be a comedy lead? And, come to think of it, how do you convince Jason Statham?

As for 1986’s F/X, here was a movie written with television originally in mind, until a producer read it and reckoned there was more to it. Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and even George C Scott were linked. But the final cast would lead to a solid hit – albeit one that led to questions over the film’s title.

Stories of both in this episode…

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