British movie podcast of the week: MovieDrone

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Every week, we recommend a terrific independent UK movie podcast – and this week, we’ve got another for you: MovieDrone.

At the start of a famous Disney classic, two dog owners meet while walking their identical breeds, and get to talking. After a few of these frequent dog walks, a relationship blossoms. This is where the stories divert, because although hosts of MovieDrone, Marc and Steve, did indeed meet while walking their new Border Terrier puppies, there was no evil fur-loving woman insistent on making a coat out of the puppies.

This was eleven years ago, and while meeting up to walk their dogs, the one topic of conversation Marc and Steve always came to, was cinema. They decided to take those chats and meet up regularly to record them on a podcast; this then became MovieDrone which they’ve hosted together since July 2018.

MovieDrone covers both new releases and retrospectively looks at film of the past (such as the recommended classic!). Marc and Steve are not pretentious reviewers; they don’t preach their views or pretend to know everything about film. They’re just a couple of guys who truly enjoy talking to each other about movies, and love interacting with listeners, as well as others in the podcasting community.

Marc and Steve want MovieDrone to be a personal and enjoyable experience, and challenge listeners for questions and discussion topics, as well as fun features like Marc’s Movie Impressions, where he attempts an impression of a certain character. They finish each episode with a section called Homework, where they will recommend movies the other has never seen.

Almost 100 episodes in, they’ve been featured in NME Online, as well as reaching #15 in the Apple Film Review charts which they’re incredibly proud of.

MovieDrone is a light-hearted, fun movie podcast, with great hosts. And those Border Terrier puppies? They’re still good friends too…

Recommended episode: Episode 56 – Dirty Dancing – (11 August 2019) –

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