Quiz Answers: 16th June 2023 (Jukebox Heroes)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 16th June 2023 – how did you do?

1. Which comedy franchise-starter connects a baby boy in a cupboard, a tiger in a bathroom, and Ken Jeong in the boot of a car?

They’re all found in The Hangover

2. Who directed The Sugarland Express?

Steven Spielberg

3. What is Thomas Anderson’s hacker alias in The Matrix?


4. Which of these films, both released in UK cinemas on the same day, stars Reece Shearsmith: In The Earth or In The Heights?

In The Earth

5. Born this week, who plays Imhotep in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns?

Arnold Vosloo

6. Which action franchise-starter marked Michael Bay’s feature directorial debut?

Bad Boys

7. In cinemas this week! 2023’s The Flash sees Michael Shannon reprise his role as General Zod from which DC film?

Man Of Steel

8. Who plays henchwoman May Day in the James Bond film A View To A Kill?

Grace Jones

9. Complete the title of the political satire starring Aaron Eckhart: Thank You For… what?

… Smoking

10. Both born on 13th June, Tim Allen and Chris Evans are also connected by which franchise character?

They both play Buzz Lightyear, in the Toy Story movies and Lightyear, respectively

11. 2007’s Across The Universe is a jukebox musical based on the songs of which band?

The Beatles

12. What is the full title of the second Mamma Mia! film?

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

13. Which Katrina And The Waves track gives its name to a 1980s-themed musical starring Leona Lewis?

“Walking On Sunshine”, as in 2014’s Walking On Sunshine

14. In which 2012 film does Tom Cruise play rock star Stacee Jaxx?

Rock Of Ages

15. Originally formed in 1958, which virtual novelty band connects four jukebox musical films released between 2007 and 2015?

Alvin and the Chipmunks, as in Alvin And The Chipmunks and its squeak-quels

16. What is the title track of Dexter Fletcher’s 2019 musical biopic of Elton John?

“Rocket Man”, as in Rocketman

17. Who plays Elwood Blues in The Blues Brothers – Dan Aykroyd or John Belushi?

Dan Aykroyd

18. Which 2001 jukebox musical’s title translates into English as “red mill”?

Moulin Rouge!

19. How many Pitch Perfect films have been released to date?


20. First featured in The Hollywood Revue Of 1929, which song was immortalised as the title track of a 1952 MGM jukebox musical?

“Singin’ In The Rain”, as in Singin’ In The Rain

21. Who was born earliest – Diane Keaton or Michael Keaton (no relation)?

Diane Keaton, by 5 years

22. In which 2004 blockbuster does Will Smith play technophobic detective Del Spooner?

I, Robot

23. What is the name of Kane’s all-important childhood sled in 1941’s Citizen Kane?


24. Which 2009 animated horror fantasy features a parallel universe where characters have buttons for eyes?


25. Who directed the films A Bronx Tale and The Good Shepherd?

Robert De Niro

26. Kevin Khatchadourian is the title character of which 2011 psychological drama?

We Need To Talk About Kevin

27. In the news! Oscar winner Sarah Polley is attached to direct the live-action remake of which Disney animated classic?

Bambi – read more on that here

28. Who plays Dr Strangelove (among other characters) in 1964’s Dr Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb?

Peter Sellers

29. In which city is 1998’s City Of Angels set?

Los Angeles

30. And finally, “Rule The World” by Take That is the theme song from which 2007 fantasy adventure?


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