Quiz Answers: 1st April 2022 (The Vampires Strike Back)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 1st April 2022 – how did you do?

1. Which streaming comedy-drama won three Oscars, including Best Picture?


2. Back In The Habit is the sequel to which 1990s comedy?

Sister Act

3. Who plays Superman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

Henry Cavill

4. Which Young detective does Nicholas Rowe play in the mystery adventure film of the same name?

Sherlock Holmes, in Young Sherlock Holmes

5. Which WW2 drama stars Michael Caine as a German officer who attempts to kidnap Winston Churchill?

The Eagle Has Landed

6. In Romeo + Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Romeo, but who plays Juliet?

Claire Danes

7. Complete the title of the George Lucas-directed teen movie – American…?

… Graffiti

8. Born this week, who plays Hagrid in all eight Harry Potter films?

Robbie Coltrane

9. What animal connects a 1959 Disney film starring Fred MacMurray and its remake starring Tim Allen?

The Shaggy Dog

10. In Tango & Cash, which title character does Sylvester Stallone play – Tango or Cash?

He plays Lieutenant Raymond Tango (Kurt Russell plays Cash)

11. Eric Brooks is the alter-ego of which other vampiric Marvel Comics character, in three films from 1998 to 2004?

Blade, in Blade

12. In which action franchise do Bill Nighy, Sophia Myles, and Charles Dance play vampires?


13. Who plays the interviewee in 1994’s Interview With The Vampire – Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt

14. Which 1980s vampire movie is set in the fictional town of Santa Carla, California?

The Lost Boys

15. Who plays Nosferatu star “Max Schreck” in 2000’s Shadow Of The Vampire?

Willem Dafoe

16. What is the title of Matt Reeves’ 2010 American-language remake of Let The Right One In?

Let Me In

17. Viago, Vladislav, and Deacon are vampire characters in which 2014 mockumentary?

What We Do In The Shadows

18. Which vampire-centric franchise has released more feature films to date – Hotel Transylvania or Twilight?

Twilight, with 5 films (as of 2022, there are 4 Hotel Transylvania films)

19. Who plays Abraham Van Helsing opposite Christopher Lee’s Dracula in three Hammer horror films?

Peter Cushing

20. Directed by Jim Jarmusch, which movie stars Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as a vampire couple?

Only Lovers Left Alive

21. Currently in cinemas, Michael Bay’s latest action movie is named after what type of vehicle?

Ambulance, as in Ambulance

22. Who directed 2001’s Spy Kids and its sequels?

Robert Rodriguez

23. “Well, nobody’s perfect” is the famous last line of which classic 1959 comedy?

Some Like It Hot

24. Also at Sunday’s Academy Awards, which singer became the first Oscar winner born in the 21st century?

Billie Eilish, for “No Time To Die”

25. What colour goes before Jasmine, Story, and Valentine to make the titles of three 2010s movies?

Blue (as in 2013’s Blue Jasmine, 2019’s Blue Story, and 2010’s Blue Valentine)

26. Which 2008 heist drama stars Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth as card-counting maths students?


27. In which country is 1979’s Mad Max set?


28. Who plays April O’Neill in 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and its sequel?

Megan Fox

29. Which 1960s horror film completes this famous marketing tagline – “No one – BUT NO ONE – will be admitted to the theatre after the start of each performance of Alfred Hitchcock’s…”?


30. And finally, what connects Sia in Peter Rabbit, Timothy Dalton in Toy Story 3, and Ben Schwartz in this week’s other big new release?

They all voice hedgehogs – Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Mr Pricklepants, and Sonic, respectively.

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