Quiz Answers: 31st March 2023 (Here Be Dragons)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 31st March 2023 – how did you do?

1. What name connects a comedy-drama starring Michael Caine and a 2004 remake starring Jude Law?


2. In which country does Mr Bean’s Holiday take place?


3. Born this week, whose movie characters include Danny Torrance, Christopher Robin, and Mark Renton?

Ewan McGregor, in Doctor Sleep, Christopher Robin, and the Trainspotting movies, respectively

4. Volcano is one of two 1997 disaster movies about volcanos, but what is the title of the other, starring Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton?

Dante’s Peak

5. Dave Lizewski is the alter-ego of which comic-book hero?

Kick-Ass, in Kick-Ass

6. Also born this week, which singer connects the soundtracks of Deadpool 2, Sleepless In Seattle, and Titanic?

Celine Dion contributed to all three

7. In which buddy-cop comedy did Eddie Murphy first play convict Reggie Hammond?

48 Hrs.

8. Who directed the animated film Isle Of Dogs?

Wes Anderson

9. Which UK TV comedy duo made their film debut in The Intelligence Men?

Morecambe and Wise

10. Dudeism is a religion inspired by which comedy, back in cinemas this week for its 25th anniversary?

The Big Lebowski

11. Complete the title of the 2000 Best Picture Oscar nominee – Crouching Tiger

… Hidden Dragon

12. What is the name of Hiccup’s Night Fury dragon in the How To Train Your Dragon movies?


13. 2008’s Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor is the third movie in which film series?

The Mummy

14. Who provides the voice and performance-capture for Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit trilogy?

Benedict Cumberbatch (here’s what that looked like behind the scenes, if you’ve never had the pleasure)

15. What is the name of Pete’s dragon in Pete’s Dragon?


16. In which 1990s fantasy film does corrupt English king Einon share his heart with a Sean Connery-voiced dragon?


17. Who plays FBI agent Will Graham in 2002’s Red Dragon?

Edward Norton

18. Which Disney villain transforms into a black dragon at the climax of 1950’s Sleeping Beauty?


19. Which 2002 post-apocalyptic action movie depicts dragons burning down London on its poster (pictured), but not in the film?

Reign Of Fire

20. In the climax of 2020’s Dolittle, what musical instrument does Robert Downey Jr dislodge from a dragon’s bum? (No, really.)

The bagpipes!

21. In miles per hour, what speed will arm and then detonate the bus bomb in 1994’s Speed?

50 miles per hour

22. Now streaming! Which video game is the subject of a new biopic starring Taron Egerton?

Tetris, in Tetris

23. What word goes before Einstein, Frankenstein, and Sherlock Holmes to make the names of three different movies?

Young, as in Young Einstein, Young Frankenstein, and Young Sherlock Holmes

24. Who plays Nacho Libre in 2006’s Nacho Libre?

Jack Black

25. Which 2014 horror movie sees Maika Monroe being stalked by an invisible, sexually transmitted supernatural entity?

It Follows

26. Who connects the 1990s films A League Of Their Own, Cutthroat Island, and The Long Kiss Goodnight?

Geena Davis

27. What type of snake gives its name to a 1997 horror movie starring Jennifer Lopez?


28. The 2020s films X, Licorice Pizza, and Minions: Rise Of Gru are all set in which decade?

The 1970s

29. Who plays Vera Drake in 2004’s Vera Drake?

Imelda Staunton

30. And finally, which version of The Italian Job co-stars Donald Sutherland – the 1969 original or the 2003 remake?

The 2003 remake, in which he plays safe-cracker John Bridger

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