A letter to readers of the Film Stories website

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An update on what’s going on with the Film Stories website, and a small favour.

Dear the wonderful people who visit this website and who keep supporting us,

Thank you. Let’s start with a thank you. People don’t say thank you enough, and yet without the support of yourselves, there would be no Film Stories. There’d be no magazine, no Film Stories Junior magazine, no podcast, no live events, nothing.

I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve shown this project over the past year or so.

I wanted to quickly alert you to some little bits and bobs going on with this website.

As some of you may have noticed, things have been ramped up around here over the past month or so. That I’ve started posted a lot of movie news, and running daily features on the Film Stories website. Thankfully, lots of you have supported this, which is crucial: I don’t play the clickbait game, and sadly, it’s the clickbait game that Google et al rewards you for. Thus, to those of you who have not only clicked on the articles here but also spread the way, I can’t thank you enough. It’s made a big difference.

Secondly, I’ve switched on some advertising. Nothing major, just some basic Google ads, but wanted to explain that anyway.

I’m very keen that the advertising that we run on this site doesn’t get in the way. I don’t want adverts that crash browsers, that bring computers and tablets to a juddering stop, and that get in the way of reading the articles. Also: none of those hellish ads that ask you to click on a link about what some famous person now looks like now compared to 30 years ago. Yuck. I don’t want this website going the way that some local newspapers have gone.

Bottom line, there are far more lucrative ad platforms, but letting you read the articles is sacrosanct and the most important thing.

Might I ask a small favour, then? As you may know, everyone – but me – who writes for Film Stories is paid, because I have no shrift with asking people to work for exposure or any of that nonsense. You write for me, you get something for it.

I want to bring more articles to this website, but to do so, it’d help enormously if you could click on and support any ad you find of interest. If it’s not of interest, then don’t, of course. Yet if you can switch an ad-blocker off and take a look, that’s a real help. If you don’t, that’s entirely fair enough, and I won’t be stopping anyone from visiting. But if you do, it brings in funds that are vital to Film Stories, and only costs you a click or two, and hopefully you’ll find something that’s useful to you. Obviously if you want to buy adverts across the site/magazine/podcast/events and such like, don’t let us stop you too!

Another favour if possible: please help me spread the word further of Film Stories and its assorted strands. What money we have is spent on writers rather than a marketing budget, but we do pay a price for that. Wouldn’t have it any other way, mind.

It’s a small bunch of people behind the whole Film Stories project, and not a big company. It’d be lovely to break even soon and stop fretting so much, but I’m very aware I and we have to earn that from you. Hopefully you like what we’ve done with the website, and the assorted other tentacles of Film Stories, and if all goes to plan, there’s more to come yet.

Thanks for everything, chums. You warm the heart of an old movie nerd.

Simon Brew
Founder & editor
Film Stories

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