Adam McKay lines up another starry ensemble for next project

Adam McKay
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Much like Don’t Look Up before it,  Adam McKay’s Average Height, Average Build will bring together quite the cast. 

We’ve only heard a brief outline of what Adam McKay – the Don’t Look Up director – is looking to do with his next project, Average Height, Average Build, but we’re already intrigued. Whilst Don’t Look Up proved to be pretty divisive, it took a magnificent ensemble cast and placed them in the kind of comedy drama that doesn’t normally attract the depth of star talent that McKay managed to bring together.

For his next film, McKay has managed to secure plenty of top-level acting talent again. Average Height, Average Build will feature Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr, Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler. Those are just the names leading the ensemble and as with Don’t Look Up, we’d expect some brilliant talent to fill out the supporting roles too.

McKay executive produces the popular TV show, Succession, the final season of which begins airing this week. Like Succession has often done (not to mention Don’t Look Up), Average Height, Average Build looks like it plans to blend black comedy with a mocking portrayal of the corruption that lies at the heart of American politics.

The synopsis sees ‘Pattinson playing a serial killer who enlists a lobbyist (Adams) to change laws that will allow him to get away with murder more easily. Downey’s role is a retired cop who won’t give up on the murders, and the killer tries to prevent him from dogging his trail now that he’s hung up his gun. The serial killer turns himself into a cause celebre, a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington figure shielding his true motives.’

The idea certainly sounds like a fun one to us and who can argue with that cast? Plus, Robert Downey Jr can use his role as a retired cop battling against a conspiracy to get into character for his upcoming role as a retired cop battling against a conspiracy in the recently-announced Vertigo remake. We’ll bring you more on Average Height, Average Build as we hear it, including who picks the project up, be it studio or streamer.


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