Amazon announces a Toejam & Earl movie

ToeJam and Earl
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The latest 90s Sega video game to get the adaptation treatment is Toejam & Earl, this time courtesy of Amazon. 

It looks like another 1990s Sega video game is being turned into a movie, this time in the form of Toejam & Earl. It’s been announced (courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter) that the oddball console title is being adapted into a movie by Amazon Studios.

The original game arrived in the early 90s, cashing in on the youth-led craze for hip hop, with the Sega title following ‘two space-alien rappers who come to Earth seeking a cure for the disease eradicating their home planet’s rhythm, funk and groove. Their legends say Earth is the Paradise where the music that created their culture originated. Upon wrecking their ship on the planet, they find that Earth is not the haven they expected. So they begin a quest to find as much of that music as they can in the hope of saving their planet.’

For some reason, movies seem to be the new battleground for console supremacy so with the news that we’re getting a Toejam & Earl movie, it’s surely only a matter of time before Sony (whose PlayStation Productions film production arm have announced more projects than we can count) announce that its own 1990s rapping video game character, PaRappa The Rapper is coming to a cinema near you. We can but hope.

Whatever is announced next, Sega film adaptations are coming thick and fast. We’ve already had a couple of Sonic The Hedgehog films with another one planned. There’s a Streets Of Rage movie that’s been announced, not to mention Comix Zone and Space Channel 5, adaptations from the more obscure sections of Sega’s 1990s video game library.

Hotel Transylvania 4's Amos Vernon and Nunzio Randazzo will be penning the script with little else known as of right now. The production companies involved are Unanimous Media and Story Kitchen, a new company that includes the talents of Derek Kolstad, who only yesterday was announced to be working on Sifu, another video game adaptation. We’ll bring you more news on this one as we hear it.

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