Avatar 3 | James Cameron promises we’ll get more into the “heart and soul of the characters”

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The Avatar creator James Cameron has opened up about the many trips to Pandora that are on our horizon.

James Cameron has spoken to People magazine where amongst other things, he confirmed that the third Avatar film is still on track for a December 2025 release.

Cameron and his team were able to get most of the shooting for Avatar 3 (and some of the fourth film) done in the space between the pandemic and this year’s strikes. As such, the filmmaker reckons that so far (don’t jinx it, James!) work on the third instalment has been much smoother than with its predecessor, Avatar: The Way of Water.

“Three is actually much more straightforward than two,” says Cameron.

“Two, we got hit with the pandemic in the middle of it and we were interrupted, and then we had to reboot and reboot the production and all that sort of thing. And it was a scramble to get it done.”

Cameron also revealed that you can already watch parts of the third movie in completed form, although he didn’t actually bring any along with him to the interview. A bit mean, that.

He added that Avatar 3 isn’t going to be all about the posh and splashy effects work either. “You get more into the heart and soul of the characters”, he affirmed.

The director also revealed that we can expect to see a time jump of six years to get to Avatar 4, and that’s why parts of the fourth film have already been shot, allowing the younger actors to age before the cameras begin rolling again at some point before the film’s scheduled 2029 release date.

The fifth Avatar film is slated to arrive in the far-flung year of 2031, by which point it will have been over 20 years since the release of the 2009 original.


Still, given that Avatar: The Way Of Water grossed $2.3bn, audiences seem keen to continue turning up, even though those that were kids when they watched the first one at the cinema could be taking their own children along to the fifth one. We’ll bring you more Avatar news as we hear it.

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