Terrifier 3 | Filming set for early 2024 start, ahead of October release

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Terrifier 3 is going to have a budget several times that of Terrifier 2 – and a UK cinema release has been confirmed too.

A day or two back, we got the confirmation of a fresh sequel to a film with very low budget roots. That’d be Saw XI, that’s landing in cinemas next September. However, what promises to be an even more profitable venture is just a few weeks behind it.

That’d be Terrifier 3, the horror franchise that puts a vicious, murdering clown at its heart. The second film in particular was made for a fraction over $200,000, and ended up scaling the US box office chart. The $15m box office take might not be Marvel levels, but it’s a return that independent horror films very rarely get to see. And the franchise is clearly on an upwards trajectory too.

Terrifier 3 thus promises to be even bigger. Inevitably after the success of the second film, its budget is scaling up. Damien Leone is back writing and directing, with Lauren LaVera starring, and Leone has confirmed to Deadline that the new movie is in pre-production. The plan, he’s added, is to shoot at the start of February.

The script appears to be pretty locked down, and with an eye on the franchise extending, some new major characters are joining the ensemble.

Furthermore, Leone has confirmed that he’s got a much bigger budget to play with for the third instalment. Again, in the scale of blockbuster cinema, it’s not bank-breaking, but a couple of million dollars when you’re used to working with a fraction of that? It suggests a significant scaling up.

Leone, incidentally, has also been signed up by Sam Raimi’s production company Ghost House, with the view of a future collaboration on a horror project.

But all the focus at the moment is on Terrifier 3. We learned earlier this week that the film will, for the first time in the saga, be getting a proper cinema release in the UK too, on top of its American distribution. It’s all set for October 2024.

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