Terrifier 3 due out in October 2024

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Gory, splattery, clown-y horror sequel Terrifier 3 has its release date set: 25th October 2024 – just in time for Halloween.

On a budget of just $250,000, splatter-horror opus Terrifier 2 made a startling $11 million at the box office. To put that in perspective: that’s a lot of profit.

With that profitability came talk of a sequel, and now we know (thanks to THR) when Terrifier 3 is due to emerge: 25th October 2024. Although if you read the bold bit above, you’ll already know that by now. Ahem.

It’s been quite a meteoric rise for director Damien Leone, who after laying the groundwork with his ultra bloody, ultra low-budget horror Terrifier in 2016, really captured imaginations with its sequel. Released in 2022, Terrifier 2 introduced the murderous antics of Art the Clown to a wider audience, with the film even cracking the top 10 list at the US box office.

Although made for a larger budget than the first film, which was produced for just $35,000, Terrifier 2 was still the indiest of indie movies – Leone wrote, directed, edited, co-produced and created the special effects himself. For Terrifier 3, meanwhile, Leone now has the budget to hire a dedicated makeup team to produce all those gory effects.

The knock-on effect of this is that the second sequel has been produced far more quickly than its predecessor. As Leone told Slash Film recently, “That’s a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I can focus on one thing instead of a hundred things… and it’s going to allow me to shoot the movie in three months as opposed to three years. So everybody will get Terrifier 3 much sooner, which is well worth the money.”

So there we have it: thanks to a bigger budget and more people involved in crafting all the splatter, Terrifier 3 will emerge just two years after the second film. Mark the date on your calendar, and keep a barf bag in a drawer in preparation.

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