Quentin Tarantino’s The Movie Critic | Film will finally shoot this autumn

Quentin Tarantino The Movie Critic
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Quentin Tarantino sets up a Cannes farewell for his directorial career, as The Movie Critic is set to start filming towards the end of 2024.

Following the now-established narrative, writer/director Quentin Tarantino will be bringing his directorial career to a close with his next film. It’s many years since he announced this plan, and in recent years there’s been no shortage of speculation as to what that final feature will be.

Speculation on that front is over: he’s written, and will be directing, The Movie Critic. To save you reading one of those arduous ‘here’s everything we know about the film’ articles, the guts of it are that the movie has been inspired by a real, unnamed individual. There was speculation it might be the late critic Pauline Kael, but apparently not so.

Instead, Quentin Tarantino will be looking for a male lead to play the title character. There’s been no shortage of speculation as to who that may be – Paul Walter Hauser for one – but no actual announced casting. Throw the names of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise into the mix too if you want, as both are being banded around.

Still, there is a little bit of fresh concrete news on The Movie Critic. Had the assorted strikes not happened in Hollywood last year, the thinking is that the movie may well have already been shot by now. But they did, and it hasn’t been. As such, it now appears that the plan is to get The Movie Critic in front of cameras around the autumn of this year. The 1977-set movie should thus be wrapped up by the end of the year, and this makes sense: Quentin Tarantino is almost certain to want to take The Movie Critic to the Cannes Film Festival in 2025, a festival that’s been key to his career.

Other than that, then, it’s as you were. In terms of when us normal mortals will be able to see the film, best guess there is the second half of 2025. We’ll keep you posted, of course, as we hear more. That, or we’ll write an ‘everything we know about’ article on it instead.

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