Boy Kills World | Bill Skarsgård looks crazier than usual in new trailer

boy kills world trailer bill skarsgard
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Bill Skarsgård, having made a name for himself playing sane, reasonable characters, is throwing all that out of the window and murdering people in his new film. Check out the Boy Kills World trailer below:

With the news that John Wick spin-off Ballerina has pushed back its release date, there seems to be a movie-shaped gap in the market for fans of parkour paired with shooting people in the face.

Enter, Boy Kills World – a zany-looking, dystopian action comedy which sees a silent Bill Skarsgård take on some nefarious characters with a series of guns and what looks like a giant fist. We thought that might interest you.

Check out the Boy Kills World trailer below:

Produced by the king of body-based goo Sam Raimi, alongside Barbarian and IT producer Roy Lee, the trailer is entertainingly forthright with its exposition. When our Bill’s family was tragically murdered by the evil-sounding Van Der Koys, he buffed himself up in the jungle, and is now taking part in a Hunger Games, Battle Royale-style reality show to get his revenge.

What else do we need to know, really? Famke Janssen and Michelle Dockery are in it, if that helps. We’re also fairly sure a lot of people are going to end up being murdered. Inventively so, all things being good.

We can’t wait. Boy Kills World is arriving in US cinemas on 26th April – fingers crossed for a UK announcement soon.

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