Dave Bautista headlines My Spy, and here’s the first trailer

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Dave Bautista plays a CIA agent having to protect a 9-year old girl in My Spy – and here’s the trailer.


A man building himself a fine movie career is Mr Dave Bautista, who has comic book movies, a James Bond flick, and an action film set around West Ham United’s ground all to his name thus far. Next up is a family comedy by the name of My Spy, in which he plays a CIA operative. A CIA operative who finds himself having to deal with a nine-year old girl whose family he’s been sent to spy on.

Chloe Coleman plays said girl opposite Bautista, and the movie is directed by Peter Segal, who helmed the likes of Get Smart and Naked Gun 3. Jon and Erich Hoeber, who penned Battleship, have written the script to this one. And the first trailer for the movie has landed.

Here’s what it looks like…

The film is scheduled for release later this year

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