David Ayer states his cut of Suicide Squad will see a release

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David Ayer claims new DC Universe head James Gunn has assured him that his take on Suicide Squad will see the light of day.

It’s been seven years since Suicide Squad released into cinemas following a marketing campaign that generated a lot of buzz. However, audiences chose not to embrace the film – even though it grossed a lot of money – and it remains as an unloved element of the soon-to-be discontinued DC Extended Universe.

That said, the film we saw in cinemas wasn’t the final cut pieced together by director, David Ayer and he’s been very vocal about that in the years since. Ayer has consistently campaigned for his version of the film to get a release, especially after seeing Zack Snyder get the opportunity to do that with Justice League. 

We’ve seen past DC heads publicly shut Ayer’s requests down, cutting off any sort of public groundswell at the root, but with the creative-friendly James Gunn now in charge over at DC, it looks like the wind might finally be blowing in the right direction for Ayer, who revealed on Twitter (via Dark Horizons) that ‘DC Studios boss James Gunn told him that the Ayer Cut “would have its time to be shared.”

Whilst Ayer wouldn’t elaborate, that certainly suggests that he has some sort of guarantee from Gunn that ‘The Ayer Cut’ of Suicide Squad will get a release someday. Ayer has long maintained (as he did again in the same social media post) that the “unseen film plays much better than the studio release” and that the film plays very differently including a significantly-changed third act, one of the theatrical cut’s biggest weaknesses.

So could it happen? It certainly looks more likely than at any point in the past. Watch this space, we suppose and hope that somebody at Warner Bros hasn’t done a ‘spring cleaning’ job on the servers in the past seven years .

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