Disney is halving the number of films that Fox makes

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Following the completion of its Fox acquisition, Disney – as feared – is cutting back on the firm’s movie output.

Earlier this week, as was widely reported, Disney released its slate of upcoming movies for the next couple of years. In there was a bunch of Star Wars stuff, Marvel films, Pixar, Indiana Jones and Walt Disney Animation Studio productions. And there were Fox movies, left over from the studio’s previous regime, before it was bought up by Disney.

Now, in an earnings call regarding Disney’s quarterly revenues, CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the number of films made by Fox is to be heavily cut. Already, Disney has shuttered the Fox 2000 arm, that had been developing successful literary adaptations. Now, we learn that the plan for Fox will be to release just five or six new films a year. That’s a halving of its usual number, although there have been years in recent times where the figure has been three times that.

It’s disappointing, but not surprising news. Whether another studio will up its output to counter the decline of Fox’s remains to be seen.

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