Edgar Wright has a take on where to take James Bond next

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Edgar Wright drops a hint that he has a way forward for the James Bond franchise – but he ain’t telling.

Just so you don’t accuse of a clickbait title, before you read on, let’s be clear, Edgar Wright isn’t ready to share his James Bond pitch… so you won’t find it further down. However, he  has a take on where the character should go next, and it certainly isn’t Daniel Craig 2.0.

Wright has been doing the publicity rounds for Last Night In Soho, which releases this month, and naturally, as a successful British filmmaker, (who has also been voicing his desire to play The Doctor in Doctor Who), he has been asked whether he’d direct a Bond film.

Wright has declared to the Happy Sad Confused podcast that he does indeed have an idea where he’d take Bond, but he’s saving it for the pitch meeting, saying “I think Daniel Craig has so made an indelible stamp on that franchise that I think you have to go in a slightly different direction. Because I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by continuing in the same vein, and I would certainly think that it would be interesting to try and – I mean, I do have a take, which ever they ask me, I’ll definitely pitch it to them”.

“So I’m not going to say it on the podcast. But I do think that, when I sometimes see some of the names being bandied around, I can’t quite see it, in terms of to me they feel like Daniel Craig 2”.

Wright has said that: “my theory is that the Bonds have got to be like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and I think you’ve got to alternate.”

That suggests Wright is attracted to a lighter take on the character, which, following Craig’s tortured turn, may well be the direction the producers are also considering. Whilst we’re very intrigued as to what an Edgar Wright 007 movie would look like, we also want to see that Baby Driver 2 script make it onto the screen, not to mention his planned version of The Running Man, which is a terribly exciting prospect in itself. As for which direction Wright heads in, only time will tell.

Happy Sad Confused podcast

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