Fast & Furious 11 will film in January 2025 for release in June 2026 says director Louis Leterrier

Louis Leterrier with Vin Diesel
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Confirming Tyrese Gibson’s earlier comments, Fast & Furious 11 begins filming in January 2025, director Louis Leterrier says, with its release planned for June the following year.

Given how quiet Universal’s been about the whole production, the original plan to have Fast & Furious 11 in cinemas by April 2025 was sounding increasingly unlikely with each passing day. Backing up Tyrese Gibson’s comments from earlier in the month, director Louis Leterrier has confirmed that the sequel won’t begin filming in January 2025 – which will have an inevitable knock-on effect on its release date.

Talking to Collider, Leterrier said that he wouldn’t even be starting pre-production on Fast 11 until the 16th September this year – the reason being he has another film, a sci-fi horror film called 11817 in the works until the day before.

As a result, Fast 11 is “filming next year, and it’s coming out in 2026, which will be exactly to the day 25 years since the first film came out.”

A quick glance around the internet reminds us that the original film, The Fast And The Furious, came out on the 18th June 2001. Barring any unforeseen problems or a change of plans by Universal Pictures, it’s therefore likely that Fast 11 will emerge on that same date in 2026.

Nor is the release date the only reference back to the film that started the whole franchise. Fast 11 is said to be taking a back-to-basics approach following the wild-eyed mania of Fast X, also directed by Leterrier. Revealing that the film will largely be set in Los Angeles like Rob Cohen’s 2001 film, Leterrier appeared to confirm this by saying, “We wanna bring it back home, and still have a great journey to tell.”

Leterrier also confirmed that the eleventh film will be the last in the franchise – though it’s possible the series will continue through its spin-offs. Hobbs & Reyes, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa (previously the antagonist in Fast X), is currently in the works.

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