Film Stories issue 6 (June 2019): full details, and order your copy right here!

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The new issue of Film Stories has gone off to the printers – and here’s what’s inside it, and how to get your copy.

Well, crikey! Film Stories – Britain’s newest film magazine – is now up to issue six, and we’ve crammed it again with as much new film writing as we can. It’s a bit of a mix once more, and let’s start by showing you the cover, and presenting you with a cunning button via which you can preorder the issue and get free P&P in the UK…

And here’s that button, if all has gone to plan…


If you’d like to buy back issues too – and we’re extending our discount offer on back issues when you order issue 6 – then head to our sparkling online store, right here.

Here’s what’s in the new issue…

* Richard Curtis, Danny Boyle. Lily James and Himesh Patel tell Film Stories (well, us, but sound posher if we say it like that) all about Yesterday

* As Disney reduces the number of Fox movies, who fills the gap left behind?

* The life and times of the Hollywood writers’ strike – and the impact such strikes had

* Looking back at Starter For 10 – the film that brought Alice Eve, Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy together

* Vicky Knight: Britain’s brilliant new acting talent. She and director Sacha Polak tell us about the brilliant Dirty God

* The lost Timothy Dalton James Bond movie

* How cinema deals with the afterlife

* Asif Kapadia on the making of his Diego Maradona documentary

* The last video rental shop in Scotland

* And much more!

Film Stories will also be available from the brilliant BFI Shop at London’s Southbank, and 50 WHSmith airport and train station stories around the UK. It costs money to get listed into more newsagents, so we’re taking it step by step there.

You can also subscribe from under a fiver, at

Thanks so much for your support – and hope you like the issue…

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