Flixster: company now admitting it can’t replace all titles

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Flixster concedes that it can’t replace all titles, as it offers an assurance that work is ongoing to migrate more.

A quick overview for those who don’t know the story so far (although this post is a better starting point). Earlier this year, it was announced that the digital service UltraViolet was closing down, but users were assured that their libraries of legally bought films would be safe and sound.

To access those films, you also needed an account at Flixster. But following the shuttering of its service in the US last year, it’s now been confirmed that Flixster UK is closing its doors in December. No matter, though: titles, customers have been told, would be transferred to the Google Play Store instead.

The only problem: even though the majority of titles were crossing over okay, primarily titles from 20th Century Fox weren’t. Users were finding that around 10% of their libraries were not available to migrate from Flixster to Google Play, and Flixster’s friendly customer services has not been forthright with answers.

In fact, it’s been silence for the past two to three weeks. But now, Film Stories reader Si Hardie has been in touch, because he’s just had a fresh response.

In the email he’s received, he has been told…

“We regret that some titles in your Flixster Video collection are not available for migration to Google Play.”

The email adds that “We have had some technical problems with some titles listed below in your collection that are listed as unavailable, and we are currently working on making these titles available for migration to Google Play and fixing any related technical issues.  We will provide you a notice by e-mail when these additional titles become available for migration, so that you can return to your collection and migrate them to Google Play.  Please stay tuned for further updates”. 

Of Hardie’s list, the vast majority of titles he’s been told will be available to migrate, including – crucially – every 20th Century Fox title on his list. But he’s also been told…

Regrettably, certain other titles in your Flixster Video collection as listed below cannot be migrated to Google Play due to licensing issues, expiration of content rights, or lack of availability on Google Play in your territory.

These four titles were affected:

12 Strong

The Magnificent Seven



Flixster has explained that “we worked hard to minimize the number of unavailable titles, but were unable to resolve all of the issues. In recognition of this, we would like to offer you [4] films to redeem and add to your Google Play collection. Please let us know your preferred title[s] from the list of available titles below and we would be more than happy to provide you with redemption codes for such selected title[s]”.

A long-ish list of Warner Bros-distributed titles was then provided.

If you’re affected by the Flixster closure and haven’t heard back, it’s worth getting in touch with the company to give them a nudge. With two months to go until the doors close for good, there’s clearly still a lot of work to be done. We’re going to carry on keeping an eye on the story…

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