Flowervale Street | Maisy Stella joins mystery project at Warner Bros

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Maisy Stella has joined Anne Hathaway and Ewan McGregor in It Follows director David Robert Mitchell’s mystery IMAX thrill ride, Flowervale Street.

Here’s a story that caught our attention this morning, given that it’s added a rising star to a project featuring an ensemble of supremely talented actors who have a knack for attaching themselves to interesting projects.

We’ve heard stories for a while now that David Robert Mitchell, the director of It Follows and Under The Silver Lake is making another film, itself a notable bit of news given that he’s only made three films since 2010’s The Myth Of The American Sleepover, his ultra low-budget debut. Having such a short filmography that boasts two critically-lauded films on it means that Mitchell’s return to directing (for the first time since 2018’s Under The Silver Lake) was always going to generate excitement.

Then there’s that cast to consider. Anne Hathaway has signed up to star, with Ewan McGregor also joining her. That alone is promising, but now it’s also being reported by Variety that Maisy Stella, one of the breakouts of this year’s Sundance (with the critically-praised My Old Ass) has also signed onto the project which may or may not be called Flowervale Street.

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This project is being backed by Warner Bros and produced by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot, which suggest it could come with a sizeable price tag (a purported $80m, according to earlier reports – Madame Web money, in short). Everything is shrouded in secrecy about this one, although it’s believed to be a thriller, and could contain dinosaurs (“That may or may not be the case,” McGregor said in February). Mitchell wrote the script that he will direct and it seems that the story is an original one and not adapted from any existing property.

The addition of Stella, who also stars in the TV show Nashville (pictured above left) to the cast represents a big step into the limelight for the actor given that this is a large(ish) studio project said to be a ‘thrill ride’ that will be shot in IMAX. Still, it’s another exciting name to a project that is already exciting. We’ll bring you more on this one as we hear it.

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