From Saturday, it’s compulsory to wear a mask in UK cinemas

Wearing face masks in a cinema
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Regulations regarding masks and cinemas change in the UK this weekend, and there’s a fine in force: you have ten seconds to comply.

As more and more cinemas around the UK slowly open their doors, updated regulations come into force from Saturday 8th August for those planning a trip to their local moviehouse.

Up until this point, it’s been recommended that people visiting the cinema where a face covering when doing so. But now, that’s becoming mandatory, and in theory there’s a fine of £100 for those who don’t comply. The cost of the fine drops to £50 if you pay up quickly, though.

That said, it appears – don’t hold us to this if this comes to court – that the regulations covering masks apply when entering and leaving cinemas, and walking around corridors and such like. Once you’re in the auditorium itself, you’re seemingly allowed to remove your face covering, not least to munch your way through the food and drink that cinemas remain keen to sell you.

Our growing list of cinemas opening their doors around the UK can be found here. As ever, huge credit to the independent distributors who are continuing to bring new films to cinemas, at a point where the big movie studios appear to have fled…

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