Guillermo del Toro offers insight into the future of the industry

Guillermo del Toro
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The celebrated filmmaker Guillermo del Toro puts forwards a characteristically insightful thoughts about where cinema should be headed. 

When Guillermo del Toro pops up to offer his thoughts, we pin back our ears and listen. The lauded filmmaker’s comments on movies tend to be as rich and thought-provoking as his films, and with the industry currently in a state of perpetual flux, del Toro (who is doing the awards rounds for his beautiful stop-motion film adaptation of Pinocchio,) has stepped forth to offer a little clarity.

The Mexican filmmaker revealed that every major studio had turned down Pinocchio over the last decade, but implied that eventually good ideas will find their way to the screen and predictions of doom for particular parts of the industry are grossly premature.

“Everybody wants a definition when we’re in the middle of transition and change and a crisis at the same time”, he said. “We just survived the transformation of delivery, the arrival of a pandemic and everybody thinks we should define where we’re going in a year or two”.

The filmmaker goes on to point out that trying to define what cinema has become during a transitional phase is simply not constructive and instead, creatives should focus on what has traditionally made cinema so great: ideas.

“It will define itself in the incoming decade. And the most important thing is to keep the size of the idea big”.

The takeaway according to del Toro? “We need a little bit of history to talk about (it) with a little certainty.”

And scene. Wise words from del Toro and a timely reminder to creatives (and executives) everywhere that the surest way to safeguard the future of cinema is to keep making interesting films rich in ideas…


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