Haunted Mansion confirmed for Disney+ at start of October

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Disney’s Haunted Mansion movie may have had a quiet summer, but it’s hoping for a louder October, when it arrives on Disney+…

Disney’s latest attempt to take on of the attractions from its parks and turn it into a movie earned something of a mixed response over the summer. That film would be Haunted Mansion, something you’ve no doubt already gleamed from the headline of this article, and it’s not as if I’m paid by the word either.

The bit you’re here for: it’s arriving on the Disney+ service from October 4th 2023.

The film’s box office performance was one of the first said to be hurt by the strikes, in this case by actors, given that none of the stars of the movie were at the premiere or attended the press tour ahead of its release. Whether it would have been a box office juggernaut had fate been different? Probably not. But it might still have made a little bit of an impact.

October on Disney+ does seem like a better slot for it than in the midst of the summer, though. Let’s see if it finds its audience and makes more of an impact this time around…

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