Interview With The Vampire is returning to cinemas for its 30th birthday

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Tom Cruise will be back on the big screen as vampire Lestat, as Interview With The Vampire hits 30 years old.

It’s part of our obligation on this site to write stories that make a certain segment of our readership – er, including us – feel rather old. Here is the latest example: the movie Interview With The Vampire is 30 years old. Yikes.

A hugely contentious production it was too around the time of its release, with the late Anne Rice – the author of the books the film was based on – publicly blasting the casting of Tom Cruise in a full page advert she took out in the Hollywood trade press. Then, she did a complete reversal when she actually saw the film, and took out another advert to say so.

Neil Jordan directed the movie, landing the job off the back of his success with The Crying Game. Amongst the co-stars, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Slater (stepping in for River Phoenix), Brad Pitt, Thandiwe Newton and Antonio Banderas. Anne Rice was credited with the script, although Jordan did argue that he’d done a lot of work on it too.

And after all the fuss? The resultant film went down well and was a big hit, although Tom Cruise was never persuaded to reprise the role of Lestat for planned follow-ups. There was, after all, a lot of drama around the drama.

The movie’s birthday is being celebrated then by Park Circus giving it a fresh outing in UK cinemas. The film is going to be playing from Friday February 16th 2024, although it looks to be quite a limited re-release. Expect it to be mainly confined to bigger cities and such like.

Don’t be surprised too if a brand new disc release pops up at some time this year, but don’t hold us to that.

We’ll leave you with the trailer for the film, should you need a refresher…

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