Karen Gillan set to headline historical comedy Fools

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From the co-creator of Outnumbered comes a historical comedy called Fools, with Karen Gillan leading the cast. More here.

Karen Gillan’s just gone and signed up a new lead screen role, as she’s set to head the ensemble of the upcoming historical comedy, Fools.

The movie has been written and directed by Guy Jenkin, whose credits include Outnumbered and its sort of spin-off film, What We Did On Our Holiday. He’s attracted quite a cast too, on top of Karen Gillan’s headline act.

Alongside her are award-winner Pasty Ferran, the mighty Brenda Blethyn, and the peerless Jim Broadbent.

Karen Gillan – famous of course for Doctor Who, her Marvel work, Jumanji, and appearing on the cover of Film Stories magazine – will be playing Queen Mary I, in a story set just after the death of Henry VIII. Broadbent is Cardinal Pole (begging your pardon), whilst Patsy Ferran is the court jester who turns out to have quite an impact on the story. It’s the friendship between the Queen and this jester that lies at the heart of the tale that Guy Jenkin is looking to tell.

We don’t know as yet where Brenda Blethyn sits in the line-up.

The plan is to get the film in front of cameras later this year, presumably with an eye on a release in 2025. Altitude Film Sales is overseeing who has what rights, and we’d imagine will distribute the movie itself in the UK.

In an official statement to mark the casting of Karen Gillan, Guy Jenkin has told Variety that “I am thrilled to be working with such a supremely talented core group of actors on Fools”, adding that “together, we will tell the untold story of the strange friendship between England’s first Queen, and her female jester.”

He signs off by noting that “Fools will turn the conventions of a historical film inside-out, and promises to be subversive, striking and very funny.”

Hope so, and looking forward to hearing more. We’ll keep you posted.

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