Keanu Reeves’ comic book project to become a Netflix feature

Keanu Reeves
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Keanu Reeves is set to headline BRZRKR, a new action project based on a comic book that he’s also launched.

We’re pretty sure that there’s not a single person on Earth who doesn’t enjoy Keanu Reeves becoming stone-faced assassin John Wick and dishing out bloody justice to endless waves of hapless foes. Well, maybe there is somebody out there, but we’ve yet to meet them anyway.

The good news is that we’ll soon be seeing Reeves embarking on more violent rampages in a new form, but this one sounds particularly flinty to the point where it makes John Wick seem like an adorable two week-old puppy wearing a beret. Reeves’ newly-launched comic book IP, BRZRKR, has been picked up by Netflix with plans to make a feature film and an anime series based on the property. (No, we don’t know where the vowels are in the title either. Presumably Reeves did some Wick-esque ju-jitsu on them and they slunk off with broken limbs.)

The story? ‘BRZRKR follows “an immortal warrior’s 80,000-year fight through the ages. The man known only as ‘B’ is half-mortal and half-god, cursed and compelled to violence … even at the sacrifice of his sanity. But after wandering the earth for centuries, B may have finally found a refuge — working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B will be granted the one thing he desires — the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence … and how to end it.”

It certainly sounds pretty intriguing to us. The comic book launched earlier this month and following Reeves’ prolonged appearance in 2020’s major video game title, Cyberpunk 2077, the actor is clearly trying to push his unique brand of formidable violence into every medium possible. Fine by us.

We’ll bring you more news on BRZRKR as we hear it, by which time we’ve hopefully learned to spell it.


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