Kevin Costner moves into selling coffee

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Now you can enjoy a Kevin Costner-backed cup of coffee with your favourite Kevin Costner movie. About time.

For those people who cherish the work of Kevin Costner, and also are slaves to a fine cup of coffee, the Venn Diagram Gods have gifted us quite the intersection.

Introducing a blend of coffee called Horizon, which coincidentally happens to be the name of Costner’s next film. Described as ‘bold and smoky dark roast inspired by the American West’, it looks like it’s restricted to American customers in the first instance. It goes on sale from 18th December.

It’s part of a union between Kevin Costner and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a company we’ve not heard of, and have taken no advertising dollars from. Which isn’t to say we wouldn’t, they just haven’t asked. Tsk.

Costner has penned a statement as part of the announcement, which reads:

“Alongside the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters team, we embarked on a journey of exploration, experimenting with various concepts. They were able to help guide me through the process where my opinion was valued and incorporated. It was the best outcome I could have imagined,”

I know what you mean, Kevin. And when the tagline from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters tells me ‘we’re brewing something big with Kevin Costner’, well, this particular writer doesn’t quite know how to take that.

Now for the requisite degree of waffle to get this article to a minimum wordcount so Google doesn’t shout at us. This is why, y’know, we tend to get endless articles on websites that realistically should be over in no time.

I mean, look at this story? The headline does 80 percent of the work. In an ideal world, I’d have checked out three paragraphs ago and not wasted your time. But here we are.

The coffee, then. You can find more about it here, and we await news – well I certainly do – of who will be distributing next year’s pair of Horizon movies in the UK. No announcement yet. Might mull a cup of Kevin Costner Coffee while I wait.

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