Mammoth | Trailer released for BBC sitcom

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Comedian Mike Bubbins co-writes and stars in sitcom Mammoth, which is heading to the BBC: here’s the trailer.

Where Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes created drama from people who went back in time from the present day to the 1970s, Mammoth examines what might happen if someone from the 1970s found themselves in the present day.

Comedian Mike Bubbins co-writes and stars in the sitcom, which comes to BBC Two and iPlayer on 17th April. The BBC have released a trailer, alongside interviews with the cast, which you can find here.

The synopsis reads as follows:

Mammoth is a comedy show about the life of PE teacher Tony Mammoth. Mammoth is a man literally out of time. In 1979 he was a happy-go-lucky PE teacher, leading a school skiing trip to the French Alps. Life was good. Right up until an avalanche decided to ruin his day by sweeping him away to what was surely his death: a death which would break the hearts of all the kids that he taught, almost all of his colleagues and several mothers, and devastate his best friend and wingman Roger Buck.

Except, of course, Mammoth didn’t die. He was miraculously found and brought back to life 42 years later. A perfectly preserved man in his forties. Just one born 86 years ago. For a time, he was a global phenomenon. The world was his oyster. But Mammoth has never really liked oysters; he’s more of a pub lunch and a pint sort of bloke.

He was given the one thing that everyone at some point wishes they were given – a second chance at life. An opportunity to right wrongs. But the simple fact is that Mammoth was pretty sure that he absolutely nailed life the first time around, so all he really wanted was his old life back. The same job. The same car. The same friends. Okay, it was bound to feel a little strange at first, but Mammoth had always believed in just getting on with things. And anyway, things couldn’t have changed that much since 1979…

Bubbins stars as the titular character, alongside Sian Gibson, Joseph Marcell and Joel Davison.

Bubbins also co-wrote the series with Paul Doolan, with Simon Hynd directing.

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