Moana 2 announced – and arriving this year

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Disney not only announces Moana 2, but reveals that the film is arriving this November. More here.

How’s this for a surprise announcement. If you go by the rule of thumb that a Walt Disney Animation Studios movie takes three to four years to bring to fruition at the very least, then to learn of major new release with roughly ten months’ notice is quite something. Especially in the modern era of leaks and internet gossip.

Yet at its shareholder meeting overnight, Disney sprung the news that not only is a Moana 2 animated movie coming, but we’ll be seeing it this very year.

It comes off the back of two commercial disappointments for Walt Disney Animation Studios on the bounce: 2022’s underappreciated Strange World and last winter’s 100th birthday celebration movie Wish.

Moana 2 must be very welcome tonic for those who count the money around the place.

On the flip side, there are some missing personnel. Directors Ron Musker and John Clements are nowhere to be seen here, with Dave Derrick Jr making his feature directorial debut with the feature.

Furthermore, Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t back either, to put together more memorable songs. The daunting mantle there has been handed to Abigal Barlow, Emily Bear, Opetaia Foa’i and Mark Mancina.

Casting-wise, returnees aren’t clear either so far.

This is separate from the live action Moana film that is on the way.

Disney boss Bob Iger confirmed that the origins of Moana 2 were in a TV series, but that the company decided to switch towards a film instead. That’s not an instant concern if the quality was so good that it got the upgrade. Toy Story 2 famously was at one stage going to be a straight to video movie, and that turned out rather well.

Best wait and see here, then, although we’ve not got that long to wait at all. Moana 2 is set for release on 27th November. More on the film as we hear it.

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