Nobody 2 | Sequel still coming to 2021 action hit

Nobody (2021)
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Nobody 2 is still very much a thing, with Connie Nielsen and Bob Odenkirk set to return: more on the follow-up here.

Filed amongst the surprise hits of the last few years is 2021’s action movie Nobody. Starring Bob Odenkirk and featuring a spectacular fight sequence on public transport, the modestly-priced film earned a handsome return at the box office. Not bad for a film that at one stage, nobody (arf) was willing to back.

Ilya Naishuller directed the movie, that was penned by Derek Kolstad (he of John Wick fame). Co-starring Conne Nielsen, there was instantly talk of Nobody 2 once the first film did the business it did. Yet what looked to have been a sizeable stumbling block was the health of its lead. Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack in July 2021, eventually revealing that his heart had stopped altogether. That didn’t necessarily point to the idea of someone on the set of another action movie.

Two stents in his heart later, and Odenkirk’s health has thankfully improved. Still, there hadn’t been much news as to the status of Nobody 2 since the end of 2022, when it was revealed that the plan was for a shoot at some point in 2023.

That didn’t happen, but as it turns out, it didn’t mean the film was dead in the water. In fact, it appears to finally be nudging forward again.

The latest update has come courtesy of Connie Nielsen, who had been promised a good chunk more action herself in Nobody 2.

She’s been chatting to Screen Rant, and had the opportunity to shut down talk of Nobody 2 coming along. Spoiler: she didn’t. Instead, she lavished praise on Bob Odenkirk, saying “Bob is just so cool and fun and sweet and he has this unbelievable energy”.

“And then, on top of that, you have this family again … I love depicting the tensions inside of a family; the natural tensions, but also the sweetness that underlies the love that connects all of these people together.”

So then: Nobody 2. Is she in? Is it happening? “It’s a great story that I look forward to returning to, definitely”.

She said ‘definitely’. She’s in.

We don’t have a start of production date as of yet, but presumably the plan is to get the film before the cameras this year. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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