Rogue Trooper: fresh update from director Duncan Jones

Rogue Trooper
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2000AD’s Rogue Trooper is edging closer to the big screen.

Next on the directorial slate of Duncan Jones – whose first film, Moon, is celebrating its tenth birthday – is a big screen adaptation of the 2000AD comic strip, Rogue Trooper.

The project first came to light last year, and Jones has been chatting to Entertainment Weekly about the current state of the film. He confirmed that concept art work on some parts of the film’s screenplay is underway. “The script is really looking pretty good now. It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to start casting and making the thing. It really does look very good”, he revealed.

He also said that lessons have been learned from previous films based on 2000AD properties (the two films based on the character of Judge Dredd), both in terms of loyalty to the comic strips, and finding a budget where the movie can be a financial success. “I think we’ve come up with a really smart way to approach it”, he noted.

There’s no word yet on an exact release date, or when the movie is heading into production. As we hear more, we’ll let you know. The full EW piece can be found here.


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